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Welcome to CaboSat. We offer cutting edge Satellite TV, TV Distribution and internet technologies that are designed for North American living in Mexico and other rural areas. In 2009 DISH NetworkTM changed its encryption method and thus shut down thousands of pirated receivers. In 2010 DISH Network replaced their primary broadcast Satellite EchoStar 7 with EchoStar 14. Unfortunately this resulted in the loss of TV programming for many Dish Network subscribers in Mexico. Since we offer DISH Network Mexico and Shaw DirectTM(formerly Starchoice) we can provide Satellite TV and HughesNet Internet through out Mexico. We offer subscription accounts in YOUR NAME. This gives our customers hassle free dependable English TV programming anywhere in Mexico. Contact us to find out which one of our Systems is for you. US NETWORKS (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT MEXICO!! If you are sick and tired of undependable Satellite TV service then contact us today.

Our Voip # is 970-778-4572

Mexican Cell from the US 011-52-1-624-355-3782

Mexican Cell from Mexico 044-624-355-3782

Our email is worryfreetv@yahoo.com

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We service Baja California Sur from Mulege to Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, La Paz, Todos Santos, Pescador, Los Barriles...

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  • Mex. cell (011)(52)(1)624-355-3782
  • US # (1) 970-778-4572
  • From Mexico

  • Mex. cell (045 or 044 if in Cabo)
  • US # (001) 970-778-4572
  • Email

  • info@cabosat.net

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